An interdisciplinary research team recieved an award from the National Institute of Justice for $1,619,644

An interdisciplinary research team (Dr. Colleen Sinclair (PI; Psychology), Dr. Rebecca M. Goldberg (Counseling and Educational Psychology), Megan Stubbs-Richardson (Sociology, Criminology), Dr. David May (Sociology, Criminology), Dr. Tawny McCleon (Counseling and Educational Psychology) & Dr. Somya Mohanty (Computer Science) from the Social Science Research Center of Mississippi State University received an award from the National Institute of Justice for $1,619,644 to conduct a three-year longitudinal, mixed method research design project that investigates when rejection (e.g., bullying, cyberbullying, romantic rejection) results in aggression versus pro-social or withdrawal responding. The team, led by Dr. Colleen Sinclair, uses Richman and Leary's 2009 multi-motive model (synthesizing 40 years of research on the rejection-aggression link), as well as research on individual differences in the outcast-lash-out effect, and intergroup conflict to identify key predictors and buffers of aggression. The research team will work closely with Starkville High School using survey research, experimental designs, and daily diary studies among high school students. Additionally, this research project will provide Starkville High School with a school psychologist to which the team will measure the effectiveness both pre- and post- intervention. The research team takes an open-science approach to disseminating and distributing research findings widely and hopes that this research will begin to make a difference in understanding and reducing aggression in U.S. schools.