Sociology Graduate Students Honored with Departmental Awards

Sociology Graduate Students Honored with Departmental Awards

The sociology department is proud to honor our outstanding graduate students with the following awards:

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: Courtney Windhorn

“Even before the global pandemic, Courtney went above and beyond to help me in all of my teaching needs…I do not think my transition to online teaching would have gone as smoothly if it weren’t for Courtney’s assistance.” –Dr. Ashley Vancil-Leap

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: Brian Tesch

“Can’t spell Teaches without Tesch: When Brian walks into the classroom, students sit up and take notice. They know they can expect real talk, practical examples, and an engaging, dedicated instructor. This was a stellar first year in the classroom.” –Dr. Kimberly Kelly

Outstanding Masters Student Award: Chloe Parker

“Chloe took on an important and ambitious project for her M.S. thesis, which explored Law Enforcement Experiences with and Perceptions of Human Sex Trafficking. I was impressed by the skill she showed as a qualitative interviewer and by her excellent writing. Chloe has a strong thesis that she can be proud of and I look forward to hearing about all of her future accomplishments.” –Dr. Rachel Allison

Outstanding Doctoral Student Award: Ismail Yigit

“Ismail’s dissertation took a well-known finding in sociology—that people who are the targets of intolerance have lower levels of health and well-being—and flipped the question around. What is the health of intolerant people like, versus tolerant people? He finds that intolerant people have lower levels of health and well-being. This important finding demonstrates the multi-faceted harm that intolerance causes, both in the U.S. and around the globe. Ismail also demonstrates ways of increasing social tolerance, namely through education, increasing incomes, and strengthening democratic governance. Kudos to Ismail for his hard work on a study that has important implications for us all and for all the great work he has done as a Ph.D. student here at Mississippi State!” –Dr. Lindsey Peterson


Photo (Appearance Left to Right: Courtney  Heath Windhorn, Brian Tesch, Chloe Parker, Ismail Yigit)