Kudos to Dr. Diego Thompson-Bello and Dr. Ashley Vancil-Leap

Kudos to faculty members recently recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors for excellence in teaching and who "eased the burden" of
COVID-19 restrictions placed on students in 2020: Jennifer Beckman, Diego Thompson Bello, Brian Bill, Kristin Boyce, Karyn Brown, Kimberly Brown, James Chamberlain, Tim Derby, Deb Eakin, Jim Giesen, Steven Gwaltney, David Hoffman, Carolyn Holmes, Giles Lindley, Lauren Lindsey, Shane Miller, Deb Mlsna, Charles Nettles, Catherine Pierce, Dan Punday, Brandy Roberts, John Rodgers, Courtney Thompson, Ashley Vancil-Leap, Jon Woody, and Molly Zuckerman. Read more at http://memo.msstate.edu/story.php?id=5986