Seminar on Digital Data and Security June 12-16, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017 - 08:00 to Friday, June 16, 2017 - 12:00
Split, Croatia

Seminar on Digital Data and Security June 12-16, 2017 at the Universtiy of Split, Croatia. The phenomenon of digital connectivity is increasingly transforming the way humans interact and deal with problems of collective action. Such a paradigmatic change is expanding the frontiers of research in terms of theories, methods and analysis. Considering this context, faculty from Mississippi State University, George Mason University, the University of Zagreb and the University of Split will lead a week-long Seminar on Digital Data and Security. The Seminar will take place at the University of Split in Split, Croatia, and it will focus on Big Data and Security-related research questions as they are studied in Social Sciences, Policy and Communication Studies.

The seminar consists of a series of sessions in which participants will engage with lecturers to learn and discuss methods and theories surrounding the use of digital data in security-related studies. Participants will have the opportunity to gather knowledge from pertinent case study and learn updated methodologies for data analysis.

This seminar is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the afore mentioned institutions. We expect this effort to continue and further expand by creating a larger network of institutions interested in participating in the ongoing conversation about the role of digital data in managing problems of collective action, such as security, from both the practitioner and researcher standpoint. Participation in the seminar will benefit both students and researchers by expanding their knowledge about the realm of both practical and theoretical approaches to utilization of socially derived digital data for overcoming collective action dilemmas.

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