Social Work student Asia Logan was acknowledged as the National Association of Social Workers Mississippi Chapter Mississippi State University Student of the year at the 2017 Annual Conference in Biloxi MS.  Asia is currently completing an internship at OCH-Regiona Medical Center in Starkville, MS and plans to graduate in May. She has already been accepted to the Advanced Standing MSW Program at the University of Alabama. Congratulations Asia!

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2015 Social Work Celebration

Dr. Kenya McKinley and Phi Alpha students Shatara Page, Kimberly Harris, and Sarah Pulliam at the 2015 Social Work Celebration

Adele Crudden, Professor of Social Work awards the 2015 Alumna of the Year Award to Shirika Bevill, LCSW at the SW Celebration 2015

ASSW sold t-shirts to raise money for organizational activities. Several students modeled the design on the back of the shirts.

Social Work Celebration, 2015. Dr. McKinley and Dr. Pilkinton recognized new Phi Alpha inductees and gave them each a Phi Alpha Medallion.

Jada Johnson, Field Practicum Director with the group of social work students at the 2015 Social Work Celebration

2015 field students at the 2015 Social Work Celebration

Association of Student Social Workers


The Association of Student Social Workers is an active student organization that promotes civic engagement and professional development for student interested in the social work profession. The organization works to increase student’s knowledge about the profession of social work by connecting members with community resources and increasing network opportunities with social welfare professionals on the local, regional and state level. The Association of Student Social Workers promotes an environment that embraces volunteerism to enhance learning and enrich the community.

Service to the Community

The Association of Student Social Workers engages in a variety of activities to foster relationships between the organization and the local community. While the organization welcomes new ideas to broaden its volunteer work, past activities have included: clothing and food drives, mentoring and tutoring activities at local schools, and service at nursing home and assisted living facilities in the community.


Dr. Melinda Pilkinton & Social Work Students

Scholars' Weekend Orientation, February, 2015

Scholars' Weekend Orientation, February, 2015

Jada Johnson

Jada Johnson

Mississippi Health Care Leadership, LCSW Social Worker of the Year 2014 with Kim Burkett, MSU Social Work Alumna

Jessical Walker

Jessical Walker

Jessical Walker, along with Tennie Simpson, accepted Licensure Awards for $325 each from the NASW Starkville/Columbus Program Unit to help cover expenses associated with becoming licensed social workers.

Legislative Day

Legislative Day 2015

Legislative Day is an important annual activity for student. This activity is an important part of the educational process involved with learning policy practice which is one of the expected outcomes of their professional education. On this annual day, students speak with visit the State Capitol to speak with their representatives to learn about pending legislation that impacts social justice in our state. In addition, this opportunity provides students with the following:

  • Meet students from other accredited schools of social work in Mississippi
  • Observe the legislative process from the galleries in the Senate and House
  • Visit committee hearings
  • Visit legislators

Mississippi Conference on Social Welfare

Mississippi Conference on Social Welfare

Social Work Students with Mrs. JoAnn Rounsaville, Advisory Board Member at Mississippi Conference on Social Welfare, September, 2014

Phi Alpha Honor Society

A National Honor Society for Social Work Students

National Headquarters
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70645|
Johnson, City, TN 37614-0645


The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Membership Qualifications

An undergraduate student is eligible for membership after achieving the following national requirements and meeting local chapter requirements.

  • Declared Social Work as a Major
  • Achieved sophomore status.
  • Completed 9 semester hours (12 quarter hours) of required social work courses.
  • Achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Achieved a 3.25 GPA in required social work courses.
  • Please note that all memberships are obtained through your school's Phi Alpha Chapter. We are not able to accept individual memberships not tied to a chapter at this time. Thanks for your interest!


The concept of a national social work honor society came from a group of undergraduate social work students at Michigan State University in 1960. Investigation revealed that local chapters existed at three schools. Those three schools along with a few other schools formed a National Honor Society Committee in November of 1960. For more than a year, this committee worked on the constitution and other administrative matters. The name Phi Alpha was adopted from the local chapter existing at Florida State University.

The constitution and formal organization were completed in 1962, and six chapters qualified to become "charter chapters.” The charter chapters were Florida State University, Michigan State University, Ohio North University, Central State College, University of Dayton, and the University of Tennessee. Over 380 chapters are now in existence, and the addition of new chapters is continuing.

Phi Alpha offers membership to social work students, faculty, and practitioners. Each chapter is free to develop a program to meet local needs. The National Council is the policy-making body and meets each year at the time and place of the annual program meeting of the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). Each chapter has one voting representative on the national council.

New Inductees

Phi Alpha InducteesPhi Alpha Inductees

Benefits of Membership

  • Becoming a member of a nationally recognized organization that supports high standards in social work education.
  • Participation in scholarly activities and social action events.
  • Identification on your resume or vitae as a Phi Alpha Honor Society member, which adds acknowledgement of your academic excellence and opens doors to professional success.
  • Working alongside student colleagues and professors to create a scholarly environment
  • Individual Scholarship Opportunities
  • Poster Board Presentation involvement at the Council on Social Work Education National Conference with monetary recognition.
  • Being honored with a certificate and honor cord at an induction ceremony prior to graduation.
  • Chapter Service Award participation with monetary recognition
  • Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence among Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors.
  • Potential recognition listed in The New Social Worker Magazine
  • Access to list-serv to allow networking with Phi Alpha members across the country

Phi Alpha Honorary Social Work Society, Pi Iota Chapter

Student Application

September 2013 Career Day at Starkville High School

September 2013 Career Day at Starkville High School

Jane Aden Turner and Shelby Reeves were amount the MSU Student Social Work majors who participated at the September 2013 Career Day at Starkville High School.

Social Work Student Advisory Council


News members to be posted shortly

Explanation of Student Advisory Council

The student advisory council serves as a liaison between faculty and students to enhance cohesion of the Social Work Program. It consists of five (5) upper-division social work students*, who display leadership skills and a commitment to the social work profession. The council composition consists of representatives of the student body in terms of diversity i.e. race, gender, age, etc. The student advisory council maintains an oversight function with the Association of Student Social Workers (ASSW). At no time will a student advisory council member hold office or chair committees in ASSW. The president of ASSW serves as an ex-officio member of the council.

Goals of the Social work Student Advisory Council:

  1. Advocate for social work students' needs.
  2. Become an avenue for leadership in the Social Work Program.
  3. Promote ASSW and strengthen it through recruitment and retention of members, and support its mission and goals.
  4. Facilitate communication between faculty and students, through the dissemination of information.
  5. Assist with the Social Work interviewing process, which is required before acceptance into the Social Work Program.

*Upper-division students are defined as students admitted to the program and who demonstrate commitment to the Social Work Program and the social work profession through their scholarship, their volunteerism, and their membership and participation in ASSW.

Tennie Simpson

Tennie Simpson

Social Work Students, Tennie Simpson and Jessica Walker received awards at the April 22, 2014 Social Work Program Celebration. Tennie accepted two honors: MSU Social Work Student of the Year and the Licensure Award funded by the NASW Starkville/Columbus Program Unit.

Valerie Bradley

Valerie Bradley

Social Work student, Valerie Bradley presented "Human Trafficking: From International Crisis to Neighborhood Calamity" at the NASW Starkville/Columbus Program Unit Spring Conference on April 4, 2014.