Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting

Between April 3 - April 5, 9 graduate students and one undergraduate student attended the Southern Sociological Society meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina. Each of the students did a great job presenting their research.

The students and their presentation titles are listed below.

Ashley Baker
Live Like a King, Y’all: The Importance of Context among Drag Kings and the Potential for Change

Jennifer Carruth
But, He’s Better at It: The Effects of Gender and Race on Interest and Perceived Confidence in Science Among Middle School Students in the Deep South

Jennifer Cheek
The Social Construction of Human Trafficking as a Social Problem

Patrick Davis
Explaining Deviant Behavior among Truckers

Freddie Hunter
Is Religion Good Medicine?: An Examination of the Relationship between Religion on Self-Rated Health (SRH) among Older Adults

J.J. Keith
Regional Contexts of the Emerging Non-Metropolitan Mortality Penalty Amidst Urban Sprawl

Jeannice Louine
Law Enforcement Agencies: Realigning the Blue Line Theory

Kristen Stives
Hepatitis Policies and Practices in United States Prisons

Ethan Stokes
The Politics of Marriage Equality: A Content Analysis of Sermon Rhetoric

Megan Stubbs-Richardson
Identity Management in the Context of Drunk Driving Scenarios

Makeela Wells
An Analysis of the Level of Death Penalty Support among College Students at a Historically Black University

Dr. David May and Dr. Lindsey Peterson also participated in the conference as well. Dr. May was a coauthor on three of the student papers while Dr. Peterson presented a paper entitled "The World Polity and Declines in Human Rights Violations, 1975-2000."