Diego Thompson

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Assistant Professor


206 Bowen Hall

Iowa State University


Dr. Diego Thompson received his Ph.D. and Master degrees in Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. His work in the United States has focused on the participation and inclusion of minority groups in local food systems, working with Hispanic meatpacking workers and beginning gardeners and farmers in Iowa, immigrant farmworkers in the dairy industry of Vermont, and African American farmers in Mississippi. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Oktibbeha County Food Policy Council, member of the Mississippi Food Insecurity Project, and board member of the Mississippi Food Policy Council. His research in Uruguay has examined community perceptions and responses to environmental challenges created by intensification of agriculture and climate change. Dr. Thompson has shared his studies in multiple national and international conferences and he has published in journals such as the Journal of Rural Studies, the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, and the International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food.