Mimmo Parisi

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Senior Advisor European Development & Professor

Vice President for Research

3306 Lee Hall

Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Parisi is a Professor of Demography and Applied Statistics in the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University, Director of the National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (nSPARC) at MSU, and Director of the SLDS State Data Clearinghouse.

Dr. Parisi is a nationally and internationally recognized applied demographer. He represents the 21st century scholar with a focus on restructuring the role of social scientists beyond their academic pursuits to become problem solvers for public policy, economic development, and social problems that affect individuals and societies. He has created a new type of research center where scholarship plays a critical role for solving problems in education, workforce, and economic development. The center also brings together expertise that taps into the use of "big data" in the social sciences to create “smart data” that can be used for economic growth and to connect people to services that increase their ability to secure a job, build a career, or advance their education. His academic focus is on diversity and racial inclusion/exclusion at different geographies of scale (macro vs. micro segregation). Dr. Parisi’s work has appeared in top journals in his field, including Demography, Social Forces, Social Problems, Rural Sociology, and Social Science Quarterly, as well as in many technical reports, book chapters, and policy briefs.

He received his Ph.D. in Rural Sociology with a Minor in Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University.