Admission Requirements

A student may declare social work as a major at any time, either upon enrollment into the University or by completing a change of major form at a later date. However, students are restricted from enrollment in specific upper division social work courses until AFTER they have been formally admitted to the social work program.

Transfer students typically apply for admission to the program during their first semester at MSU. Existing students typically apply at the conclusion of the sophomore year, though there is some flexibility in being admitted earlier or later. Students should consult with a social work advisor and review the information about program admission.

There is no quota for admission to the social work program. Admission applications are emailed to students each semester with a deadline for submission. Specific liberal arts courses and social work courses must be completed prior to admission.

College Algebra and Statistics Requirement

The College of Arts and Sciences has adopted some changes in the ACT policy as it relates to College Algebra. Newly admitted students who have an ACT math score of 19 will be allowed to take Mathematics 1313: College Algebra. Previously, the minimum score was 20. Students who enter with an ACT math score of 17 or 18 will not be allowed to take Mathematics 0103: Intermediate Algebra in the fall but will have to wait until the spring semester. Students with an ACT math score of 16 and below will be eligible to take Mathematics 0103 in the fall.

The Social Work department requires that all admitted students take Statistics 2113: Introduction to Statistics as a pre-requisite for Social Work 3223: Social Work Research Methods. Students should note that a minimum grade of C in Mathematics 1313 is required for enrollment in Statistics 2113.

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