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Alex Kytan

Criminology Undergraduate

Alex Kytan, a senior Criminology major from Graham, WA, was one of 23 Mississippi State University students selected to receive a ‘Spirit of State’ award that was presented on Friday, April 19, 2013. The Spirit of State award is the university‘s premier student award, recognizing exceptional personal contributions to student life at Mississippi State. Students from all MSU campuses, freshmen to graduate, are eligible for the award. The ‘Spirit of State’ Award formally honors those students who have excelled in campus involvement, service to the university, and have made an impact on their peers and the broader campus community.

When asked what the “Spirit of State” means to you, Alex replied that the “spirit of State” is the spreading of our university’s tradition and embedding it into the hearts of other Mississippi State University students. She further replied . . .      Read More

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