Recent Publications

Dr. Kenya McKinley, Homeless Adults: A Qualitative Study. Academica Press. 2017
Robert L. Boyd, Geoforum, "Urban Locations and Black Metropolis Resilience in the Great Depression."
Johnson, et al
Dr. Kecia Johnson, Dr. Kenya McKinley, Dr. Leslie Hossfeld, Dr. Brittney Oliver, Claudette Jones, Laura Jean Kerr and Maria Trinh. "God Always Provides:" Challenges and Barriers in Food Assistance...
Kimberly Kelly
Dr. Kimberly Kelly,  Deviant Behavior, Jonelle Husain and Kimberly Kelly. “Stigma Rituals as Pathways to Activism: Stigma Convergence in a Post Abortion Recovery Group”
Journal of Rural Studies
Dr. Braden Leap, "Survival Narratives: Constructing an Intersectional Masculinity through Stories of the Rural/Urban Divide," Journal of Rural Studies.