Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

Required Courses

Please see the required courses described in the doctoral program below.


  • Graduate Theory I and II
  • Research Design
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • Graduate Statistics I and II

Specialization (Substantive Focus)

15 hours must be selected jointly with the student’s graduate committee

Minor or Free Electives

12 hours must be chosen jointly with the student’s major professor

Specialization (Dissertation)

20 dissertation hours

Final Course Work

After completing the Core courses, students will take a qualifying examination covering sociological theory and research methods and statistics.  Once all course work is completed, students will take a preliminary examination testing their substantive knowledge of their area of specialization.

Job Placements of Recent Graduates

Laura Jean Kerr – Visiting Lecturer of Sociology at Lander University

Kelli Russell – Assistant Extension Professor of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology at Auburn University

Izzy Thornton – Senior Evaluation Associate at the Center for Research Evaluation at The University of Mississippi

Jennifer Cheek – Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Manchester University

Benjamin Walker – Assistant Professor of Population Health Science at The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Maria Thuy Trinh – Lead Assistant Faculty at Strayer University

Sarah Rogers – Instructor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina

Ismail Yigit – Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tennessee State University

Andrew Tatch - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Troy University

Kristen Stives – Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Seton Hall University

Megan Stubbs-Richardson – Assistant Research Professor at the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University

Jeannice Louine – Licensed Finance Educator and Life Insurance Specialist (Primerica)