Department of Sociology - Brown Bag Series - 2022

Department of Sociology - Brown Bag Series - 2022

September 23rd

Location: Old Main 2220 at 2:00pm

Dr. Radoslaw Kossakowski, University of Gdansk
Title: Enclaved Non-Heteronormativity and Pragmatic Acceptance; Non-Heteronormative Polish
Female Football Players in the Struggle for Recognition

Dr. Rachel Allison, Mississippi State University
Title: "The World Cup of Empowerment" and "They Really Missed the Ball': Gender Discourses at the
2019 Women's World Cup

October 21st

Location: Old Main 2220 at 2:30pm

Dr. Margaret Ralston, Mississippi State University
Title: "Aging in America: Intergenerational Support and Wellbeing"

Dr. Braden Leap and Dr. Kimberly Kelly, Mississippi State University, Dr. Mary Beth Stalp, University of Northern Iowa
Title: He Does (Not) Care: Hybrid Masculinity and Voters' Assessments of Right-Wing Populists

November 18th

Location: Old Main 2220 at 2:00pm

Julia Morrison, Mississippi State University
Title: Identifying and Mitigating Bullying Behaviors in an Academic Environment

Dr. LaToya Bogard and Ms. Ashley Leonard, Writing Coordinators, Maroon & Write Program,
Mississippi State University
Title: Maroon & Write: Every Discipline Requires Writing

December 2nd

Location: Old Main 2220 at 3:30pm

Dr. David May, Mississippi State University
Title: Studying Fear of Crime in Virtual Reality: Methodological Challenges and Lessons Learned

Dr. Nicole Rader, Mississippi State University
Title: Teaching Fear - How Parents Teach Children Safety Values and Fear of Crime