Kenya McKinley

Image of Kenya McKinley

Assistant Professor

Social Work

298 Bowen Hall

PhD, University of Georgia


Bachelor of Social Work, Mississippi State University, 1997
Master of Social Work, The University of Alabama, 2000

Ph.D., University of Georgia

Kenya Y. McKinley serves as an Assistant Professor of Social Work.  For 15 years, she has served a number of clients in the juvenile justice system and child protective services, and student services within university life.  McKinley is a 1997 graduate of the Mississippi State University Social Work program, where she earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  In 2000, she earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Alabama.  Finally, she earned a doctorate degree in Adult Education from the University of Georgia in 2013.  Her research focuses on service provisions for marginalized and/or oppressed populations, faith-based organizations and community organizing and planning. 

McKinley is committed to lifelong learning and continued professional development.   She seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills as they relate to understanding the needs of special populations and enhancing the knowledge base for the profession.  She serves as the advisor for the student group, Association of Student Social Workers (A.S.S.W), here at Mississippi State University.