About the Criminology Program

About the Criminology Program

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

Criminology, as a field, explores the nature and causes of crime. Criminology also examines the impact crime has on society and how in turn society responds to the social problem of crime.

The Bachelor's degree in Criminology will emphasize the study of types, patterns, and trends in criminal behavior; the social etiology of crime; and the social response to crime and its effect on society. The program will also train students to analyze crime data, test explanations of crime and victimization, and critically evaluate crime theory and policy.

Careers in Criminology

The Criminology program is appropriate for students wishing to pursue career paths in all justice related fields including: law enforcement, probation and parole, community based prevention and control programs, court based programs, and corrections.

Because our program provides for a broad knowledge of the nature and trends of crime and an understanding of crime control policy along with methodological and critical thinking skills, our students will be prepared to assume positions of leadership across a range of career paths in crime and justice related professions, as well as be prepared for post-graduate studies in Sociology, Criminology, and Law or Legal Studies.

The Career Center, located in 300 (third floor) Montgomery Hall, serves students by helping them select a career, find a part-time job while in college, and as a referral system upon graduation. The Career Center also offers a number of unique services including, seminars, videotaped mock interviews, résumé critiques, personality inventories, on-campus interviews, and a career library.