Sociology Course of Study

Sociology Course of Study

Suggested Course of Study

Students who wish to major in Sociology should plan their programs with the departmental undergraduate coordinator as soon as possible after entering the University and should consult with their advisor before each registration period.

Major Core (39 hours)

Courses in the Major are sequenced by level

Level 1: Intro to the Discipline (3 Hours)

  • Introduction to Sociology SO 1003

Level 2: Sociology Substantive Core (6 Hours)

  • Cultural & Racial Minorities SO 2203
  • Choose one of the following: Social Inequality SO 3003
  • Society and the Individual SO 3013
  • Organizations in Modern Society SO 3053

Level 3: Tools and Skills (6 Hourse)

  • Social Theory I SO 3103
  • Introduction to Social Research SO 3213

Level 4: Sociology General Upper Division Core (21 Hours)

  • Select any seven 3000 or 4000-level Sociology courses, including any of those not listed above. A minimum of five of these courses must be at the 4000-level.

Level 5: Capstone (3 Hours)

  • Social Research Practice SO 4803

Course Listing

Sociology Minor

To earn a minor in sociology, a student must take eighteen (18) hours of undergraduate sociology courses. SO1003, 2203, and 3213 are required. The other three SO courses must be at the 2000 level or above and include at least one 4000 level SO course.